After several days/months of prepping and planning, your moving day is ultimately here. While your movers start their job, you may be enticed to closely pay attention to all the things they are doing. Have they scuffed the walls or scratched the hardwood? Are they being careful with your piano? Indeed, moving could be an overwhelming and stressful experience and it could be difficult to determine what to do as your movers start moving. It is highly recommended for you to keep being busy while moving and keep out of the way of your movers. However, if you really want to lend a hand, there are some things you need to do during and before your moving day that will be appreciated by your movers. Below are some ways for you to make your move as easy as you can.  

Label and pack in advance 

To save money and time while moving, you should pack as much as you can before your schedule for moving arrives. Start emptying your dresser drawers, arrange everything using boxes, and label them with its correct place. This will make it easier for professional movers to exactly determine where to place your belongings in your new place. The movers will be thankful for what you did and you will value the cost-savings after moving. 

Provide refreshments 

Moving is a job that’s physically demanding. Because of this, movers tend to work up a sweat particularly if you are scheduling to move during the warmer seasons. Providing cold refreshments would be a great way to let them know how you appreciate their hard work. Also, you can offer some snacks to them such as granola bars or even bananas to keep your movers energized for the day ahead. 

Pack valuable, fragile or small items in your vehicle 

As expert movers would take the safety precaution at all times to guarantee that nothing will get damaged or lost while moving, there are still instances that occur out of their control. For particular belongings, it is just worth the risk. To have peace of mind, you should start packing valuable and smeller items in your own car. Such items could include small electronics, artwork, or jewelry. In this manner, you will not be even more stressed and you can let your movers concentrate on the heavy lifting. 

Allow your movers to do what they need to do 

There may be times when it would be great to let your hired movers know about how to handle particular items or let them be aware which boxes have fragile materials in it. However, keep in mind that you employed expert movers due to a reason. No one would want to be micromanaged. Hence, you should let them do their job, which they do best. If you took some of your time researching and using the trusted moving services St. George UT, then you can guarantee that they won’t just move your boxes carelessly. They will move them carefully for you.