One of the most vital factors of growing an effective hemp crop is hemp fertilizer. You should always keep in mind that growing a high-quality crop requires more than simply using the regular 3-3-3 fertilizer approach.  

Before you buy feminized hemp seeds, there are a couple of things you should know about fertilizers. This includes the nutrients required and why they’re extremely vital for the growth of your crop. 

Knowing the Nutrients of Hemp Fertilizer 

For those who don’t know, a plant needs 16 various elements to thrive. The 3 of these elements is pulled from the air by the plant. This includes oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. The rest are pulled from the soil. Since plants need them in high amounts, the 6 of the 13 remaining elements are called “macronutrients”. Since they support the development, these nutrients are the most vital elements for your crop.  

While macronutrients are crucial during every phase of the development of your hemp crop, the levels at which plants need micronutrients differ by growth phase. For instance, during their vegetative growth phase, a lot of nitrogen can slow the development of the bud during the flowering phase. As mentioned, plants require more nitrogen, right? Well, that isn’t always the case here.  

On the other hand, hemp plants require micronutrients in small amounts. Typically, it’s not more than 1 pound every acre. While almost every soil contains enough micronutrient levels, sandy soils might not have enough micronutrients. This is particularly true if the soil has quite low organic matter. Regardless of other hemp fertilizer nutrients, crops with low micronutrient levels will poorly grow.  


Crops require micronutrients in quite small amounts. However, they’re still needed for effective growth. You might have to supplement this if you are growing them in a field that has been used for a lot of seasons. 

Secondary Macronutrients 

It is also crucial to consider secondary macronutrients. This includes calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. Plants require smaller amounts of this type of nutrient. You might even find enough levels in the soil in which your hemp crop grows. It is vital to track crops for nutrient deficiencies. If required, you can supplement the soil. 

Primary Macronutrients 

The 6 macronutrients required for growing a hemp crop fall into 1 of 2 sub-categories. Secondary (which we have mentioned above) and primary. The main macronutrients are K (Potassium), P (Phosphorus), and N (Nitrogen). Typically, every single one of these nutrients is already available in regular fertilizers. Most fertilizers will list these nutrients in order (NPK). They will utilize numbers to show the relative concentration of every element.  

Final Things to Consider When Choosing a Fertilizer for Your Hemp 

Every living material requires the right nutrition to survive and grow properly. Of course, this can be applied to your hemp crops, although their nutrient needs differ by growth phase. Knowing what goes inside the fertilizers is a crucial way to keep track of the well-being of your hemp crop. In addition to that, it is also a simple approach to enhancing your end product whenever the harvest season arrives.