Purchasing used furniture is an ideal way to get prized pieces to add to your own house. However, simply because something looks great on the outside does not mean the inside is also great. Of course, you really have to consider what’s on the inside as well. This is particularly true for used furniture. The reason for this is that bed bugs can be present around them all the time if they aren’t maintained properly.  

Simply because bed bugs haven’t been seen to bring deadly illnesses does not mean you should undermine them. Bed bugs are still annoying for your skin and you have to avoid it no matter what. But, this does not mean that you should not purchase used furniture.  

Before you end up calling a professional pest control Memphis TN company for bed bug removal, you just have to check the used furniture. Here are several ways to do it. 

Prepare the Required Equipment 

When checking used furniture for bed bugs, the first vital thing you’ve got to keep in mind is to have the required equipment. This includes a pair of white latex gloves, a magnifying glass, and a flashlight or torch. You will use the torch or flashlight to obtain the right illumination to see the small bugs. A magnifying glass is also vital since these bugs are extremely small. 

On the other hand, there are two reasons why you need a pair of white gloves. The first reason is improved visibility. Bed bugs typically have dark red color. Thus, white contrasts quite well with them. The second reason is for protection since they can bite. It may feel a little disgusting to feel them crawling on your skin.  

Utilize a White Sheet 

After getting all the required tools, a white sheet is the next material that you have to get. You can use anything white, such as fabric or paper. Make sure you’re able to spread it over the place under the furniture you’re checking. The white sheet helps you to inspect visually the furniture, just like your gloves. Simply put it on top of the white sheet and perform your inspection. 

To give the material or the fabric a close inspection, you can utilize your magnifying glass together with your torch or flashlight. Bed bugs typically hide in the nooks and corners of the chair or bed. Thus, you should try shaking the furniture to see if a couple of bugs fall out if you are having a difficult time seeing them. Thanks to the white sheet, you will definitely see them crawling in the sheet.  

Utilize a Credit Card 

A credit card is utilized to check the furniture’s surface you’re checking. Tiny holes, grooves, cracks, and other small crevices are known to be the main hiding spots of bed bugs 

You can run the credit card through the surface and examine the white sheet if you see any bugs. You should also look for their feces. Typically, it looks like extremely small and black pellets.