One of the well-sought preventative services requested by most homeowners is deadwood removal, which is a procedure of methodically eliminating dead branches from the canopy of a tree. Deadwood removal is not similar to the usual tree trimming. You need to remove deadwood immediately since they pose a wide-range of safety dangers. Also, dead branches can fall any time and unpredictable, which makes a hazardous circumstance for the property or people underneath the tree.

But if your tree happens to have deadwood, it does not necessarily imply that it is certainly unhealthy. Instead, professional arborists could help you diagnose your tree and trim back any dead branches. This process is important to help preserve your tree’s life for up to several years. Here are some of the reasons why you must let a licensed arborist remove your deadwood.


If you think about the overall condition of your trees, deadwood removal will be beneficial for them in terms of reducing the extra risks of infestations and diseases. Also, rotting and dead branches are prone to fungal uses, which could infest to other tree parts. If you don’t have deadwood removed as soon as possible, infestation and disease might spread causing your tree to be damaged or dead.


Deadwood can improve your property’s curb appeal. The moment you employ a licensed arborist, dead branches would be cut to keep up the distinct and natural beauty of a tree. Deadwood removal does not only enhance the tree’s stability by eliminating excess weight, but it will also enable more light to see through. This can help improve your tree’s aesthetics as well.


The main reason why you must have any deadwood eliminated is to keep the tree as hazard-free and safe as possible. Also, this is to guarantee the safety of your property and the people below the tree. Deadwood can unexpectedly fall any time, which poses a great risk of having somebody injured or it could also be a reason why death happens. Moreover, deadwood could be the reason why a property becomes damaged once it falls on a car, roof, or some structure.

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